Why Do Materials in New Haven Homes Require Removal After Mold Exposure?

Mold can deteriorate building materials to the point of collapse without repairs. 

The presence of mold in New Haven homes can be destructive to exposed construction materials. In many situations, demolition is necessary to eliminate colonies and provide a stable foundation to rebuild and repair. Porous materials used in building homes, such as wood studs and framing or gypsum board drywall, can quickly become hosts for mold threats. 

The Benefit of Controlled Demolition

Calculated removal of damaged and compromised construction materials is critical to prevent further destruction of the property and begin mold damage reconstruction for New Haven homes. Controlled demolition is much less aggressive than full-scale tear out, preserving unaffected materials and reducing reconstruction times. Removing single panels of drywall, the insulation, and portions of the framework is more cost-efficient for the customer than rebuilding an entire wall system from end to end. Materials removed create a reconstruction starting point and patch new construction with original building materials still installed. 

How Does Mold Deteriorate Building Materials? 

Mold colonies feed on organic matter and can make short work of high-permanence materials like drywall surface panels, furring strips, wood paneling, and similar elements. Once spores have landed on moist surfaces, they can begin using the material immediately as a food source, causing steady deterioration and weakening installed structural components. The controlled demolition process eliminates exposed materials to start rebuilding the property “Even Better Than Before.” 

Rebuilding a Mold-Damaged Property

Reinstalling discarded materials begins with a clean floor for replacing bottom plates where studs get attached. Damage to plumbing materials can get addressed during this phase before wall systems get capped with new drywall panels. Despite the repair of the moisture source, the gypsum board installed would be mold-inhibiting. Color matching technology allows our contractors to create the precise paint shade on your walls after drywall finishing completes, and the surface needs a coat. 
Understanding the damage that mold can cause exposed construction materials can show why demolition and reconstruction are often necessary steps to take after mold damage in your home. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services can help you start to finish with the rebuilding and repair your property needs. Give us a call at (203) 239-0040.