When Flooring in Hamden Homes Needs Repair After Water Damage

Because of how often water damage finds its way to the floor and pools along the surface, the likelihood of irreparable harm after exposure is high. Pooling can allow for water penetration beyond the surface material, making the progression of this moisture a point of concern for the structural integrity of the nearby affected structural elements. Damp flooring materials often require demolition and replacement, and this process begins with evaluating the damage. 

Evaluating the Damage to the House

Water damage reconstruction for Hamden homes is not always required. The presence of water damage to the flooring materials common to residences should be identified for the pressing need to remove moisture or better protect underlying padding or subflooring construction materials. Some of the physical signs that water has impacted the composition of the wood plank or porous flooring include:

  • Warping
  • Distortion
  • Bloating
  • Unevenness

Does the Subflooring Need Repair?

Knowing the condition of the subflooring is also a strong indicator of how likely demolition might be. The upper material like wood plank flooring must be carefully and deliberately removed to access the joists and OSB material beneath the main surface layer. It is possible only to remove a portion of flooring if replacement planks have been located.

Replacing the Main Flooring Material

As leading contractors, our CRS team focuses on ensuring subflooring is dry to begin reinstalling carpet, wood plank flooring, tile, or other flooring materials at the surface layer. Moisture detection tools can be run to monitor damp pockets before reinstalling interlocking plank flooring or tacking down matching carpet remnants.
After water damage incidents occur, the need for repairs and reconstruction increases substantially. It is crucial to address the physical damage that the water can cause and recover compromised structural elements to ensure the safety of house occupants. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help with controlled demolition, repairs, and build-back needs when you call (203) 239-0040.