What Water Damage Reconstruction is Needed in New Haven Homes After Burst Pipes?

Burst pipes can flood areas of New Haven homes and cause irreparable damages. 

Plumbing damage can leave many materials and areas of the house struggling with overwhelming conditions. Beyond the restoration the home might require, our reconstruction specialists seek to find the most cost-efficient solutions to make it “Even Better Than Before.”

Reaching and Repairing Damaged Plumbing

Water damage reconstruction for New Haven properties focuses on efforts made to repair or build back portions of affected residences after flooding and exposure. With experienced contractors, we can sever service to compromised plumbing, remove the damaged parts of pipe or leaking fixtures, and reinstall new materials.

Carpet and Hardwood Flooring Repairs 

Pooling and water damage to carpets often require the removal and replacement of flooring. Our professionals can identify damage like delamination of rugs or bloating/warping of hardwood planks that require removal and reinstallation. Careful uninstalling can reduce reconstruction times, as it ultimately needs fewer new materials to return to the original conditions. Assessing and executing repairs requires evaluations of:

  • Carpets
  • Padding
  • Subflooring
  • Trim/Baseboard
  • Hardwood Planks

Drywall and Flood Cuts After Prolonged Water Exposure

One of the most sensitive materials in a house or business is the drywall, namely because of the high porosity rating of sheetrock. Pooling at the base of these walls can deteriorate a portion of the wall system without requiring a full demolition to resolve. Flood cuts are a process that our CRS representatives can implement to provide access for the drying efforts necessary and protect the rest of the installed materials from becoming irreparably harmed. Physical damage signs like bloating of the gypsum board or crumbling of this material can showcase where controlled demolition is necessary.

Our team is committed to getting to work right after receiving your initial call, making it a priority to prevent unnecessary costs or damage escalating. Our direct working relationship with top restoration brands and the experience of our roster for actions like controlled demolition is instrumental in reducing restoration cost and time. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team is available 24/7 at (203) 239-0040.