What Repairs Are Necessary After a Partial Roof Collapse on Hamden Homes?

Weighty snow can buckle roof supports, but repairs can seal up these breaches quickly. 

The harsh winter season can leave many Hamden homes and businesses in need of reconstruction and repairs. From pipe bursts that require the demolition and replacement of wall systems to flooding from ice jams from streams and creek beds in the basement that collapses foundation block, our building professionals make it “Even Better Than Before.” 

Can All Roofs Collapse Under the Weight of Snow? 

Among the most considerable concerns for heavy snowfall during the winter season is its impact on aging roofs. Modern construction accommodates this possibility by increasing the traditional 20 lbs per square foot of weight support on a roof system to 30-40 depending on the customer’s wishes. All roof types are susceptible to collapse and damage under the wet snow weight, though lower pitch constructions can often collect more substantial volumes and reach a critical point more quickly. 

Reconstructing the Framework and Supports 

Removing the snow from a partially collapsed roof must happen to thoroughly inspect the damage and the necessary processes to repair and reconstruct this portion of the house. Our building trade professionals must often remove any compromised remnants of joists, supports, underlayment materials, and exterior coverings to prepare the area for reconstruction. These supports can get replaced in pieces rather than installing new joists in their full original shape. Once the framework has been constructed, the beams can be sealed over with plywood covering more suited to support the considerable weight that could occur in the future. 

Underlayment Materials and the New Roof 

A moisture barrier is something that must exist regardless of the exterior roof material. Often this is a form of tar paper or thin coating for the plywood before the surface material gets installed. With shingles, we take time to ensure that the appropriate spacing and overlapping occurs to reduce water penetration threats or ice dams in the future. 
Roof collapses can be stressful and much more destructive if not addressed immediately. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help with experienced building trade professionals and premium materials. Give us a call today at (203) 239-0040.