What Repairs Are Expected After New Haven Fire Damages?

Structure fires leave New Haven properties in dire need of repairs and build-back. 

CRS has become a trusted name for efficient reconstruction and repairs after some of the most devastating circumstances. Fires can be overwhelming for a property, requiring prompt restoration, but that is not where the needs of your home cease. We help to identify the necessary repairs and build-back to ensure that we can truly make damaged properties “Even Better Than Before.”

Controlled Demolition Services for Restoration Help

We have partnered up with reputable restoration teams like SERVPRO to ensure that we collectively provide prompt mitigation and fire damage reconstruction for New Haven homes. Our involvement in the earliest recovery stages is to provide controlled demolition and to discard damaged structural elements as necessary. We can cut out drywall and pull up carpeting heavily impacted by soot damage to give a clean and stable base for restoration and later reconstruction efforts.

Flooring Replacement and Reinstallation

Debris and burn damage can ruin flooring materials, and our CRS team can promptly remove the surface materials to protect underlying subflooring from fire and water damage effects. After restoration, our professionals and contractors can match flooring materials with existing elements to seamlessly transition from old to new. We can fully replace a room’s flooring when wood or carpet cannot be matched.

Wall System Reconstruction and Repairs 

Ceiling and wall sheetrock must often get removed after soot and smoke residue damage. When underlying framing and insulation are not compromised, reconstruction usually only involves replacing drywall panels and refinishing the surfaces with odor-sealing primers and high-quality interior paint.

Protecting Contents from Damage 

One of the services that we assist with is the relocation and removal of fire-damaged contents from homes. We appreciate how quickly fires can overwhelm the personal belongings in the residence, so we prioritize moving these items to safe locations as fast as possible. Content relocation and inventory services provide peace of mind to the affected customer, who must know where these items are and the work expected for them.
We can help you protect what matters and rebuild after a loss. Call our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team today at (203) 239-0040.