What Reconstruction Needs Exist in Shelton Homes After Burst Pipes?

Overcoming the destruction of a water-damaged Shelton home relies on direct repairs and reconstruction. 

Repairs required after burst pipes or ceiling leaks can often be far more extensive than replacing compromised portions of the plumbing network. Connecticut Reconstruction Services meets the needs of damaged properties with a comprehensive solution for repairs, reconstruction, and the actions necessary to facilitate restoration with our esteemed partners.

Removing Bulk Materials 

Often the arrival of our construction team finds a house in disarray and in need of quick actions like controlled demolition, content relocation, and other services we provide. Debris and bulk materials that have collapsed under the weight of water after burst pipes or ceiling leaks must get removed and discarded before further demolition and repairs can begin. 

Controlled Demolition Solutions 

Determining the need for repairs and reconstruction often follows the removal of damaged and deteriorating materials. Burst pipes, for example, can quickly overwhelm ceiling system materials like drywall, tile, insulation, and even exposed joists and subflooring of the upper level. Our contractors have refined methods of removing exposed materials deemed too damaged to save. Flood cuts only remove the lower portion of wall systems absorbing standing water, for example. 

Restoring the Building’s Envelope

Flood and water damage penetration to the structure can be evident from the time our contracting team first arrives. A careful inspection of the grounds can identify vulnerabilities for water penetration and the pathways for migrating water that can affect exterior wall system materials like drywall, insulation, and plywood. While vinyl veneer and masonry might not show the signs of water damage, an evaluation of the condition of this construction might be necessary to solidify the necessary build-back. 
Reconstruction and repairs are vital elements to water damage restoration, especially following emergencies like burst pipes. Our partnerships with reputable restoration companies and standalone abilities with recovery make us a credible and preferred choice for insurance work and contractors for new construction. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team is available 24/7 at (203) 239-0040.