What Common Storm Damage Repairs Are Necessary for Hamden Homes?

After severe weather events, our reconstruction team addresses many pressing needs for area structures. 

The entire state of Connecticut has seen multiple severe weather events over the centuries, ranging from blizzards and ice storms to gale-force winds and hurricane conditions. These events can cripple your Hamden home’s structural aspects and require immediate and knowledgeable repairs and reconstruction to resolve.

Replacing Siding or Veneer Materials

Heavy winds familiar to many of the storms that impact the area can require storm damage reconstruction for Hamden homes. The right pocket of wind can sheer off siding, shingles, and other exterior elements of your home’s façade. Contractors on our team must identify if underlying damage exists when this veneer is missing, namely damaged or ruined insulation or plywood that is a backer for interior wall systems. We can replace these exterior structural elements to match the existing materials and restore their functionality. 

Replacing Missing Shingles or Damaged Underlayment

While we can handle complete roof reinstallation and repair, often our services begin with replacing missing shingles and exterior elements that leave the roof vulnerable. 

Repairing Damages of Fallen Trees 

Fallen trees can puncture holes in the roof of your home or collapse portions of exterior walls. After the tree gets removed, our contractors can remove debris and damaged parts of the structure and begin rebuilding the exterior “Even Better Than Before.”

Reconstructing Homes After Natural Flooding

Flooding can also be an unfortunate effect of heavy rainfall and torrential downpours over a prolonged period. When rising creeks and streams overwhelm banks and surge towards homes, any opening in your home can be an avenue for flood water penetration. Standing water in these conditions is often considered contaminated, leading to a need for thorough demolition and replacement. 
You cannot predict when severe weather can impact your property, but we have experienced building contractors standing by to help. We can work with restoration teams to provide fast and efficient repairs and reconstruction of your house after damaging storm events. Give our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team a call today at (203) 239-0040.