What Areas of Your Shelton Home Commonly Need Mold Reconstruction?

After mold damages, many areas of your Shelton home might be severely compromised and require replacement. 

Mold feeds on organic matter, which is almost exclusively the makeup of your Shelton home’s construction. With so many exposed materials susceptible to compromise and degradation, widespread controlled demolition and reconstruction are necessary when mold persists for extended periods. As a leading contractor after home and business disasters, our focused efforts reduce costlier build back with effective and precise demolition tactics. 

Because of the humid, continental climate in New England, Shelton homes can often be susceptible to these quickly developing threats. Demolition of exposed elements is often necessary for most situations where microbial threats exist, and these organisms often target:

  • Gypsum Board/Drywall
  • Carpeting
  • Wood
  • Clothing

What Areas of Flooring Require Replacement? 

Carpeting and wood flooring are two materials highly sensitive to mold damage. If degradation and deterioration exist, planks must get removed or the top layer of carpeting. With wood flooring, only the damaged plank gets pulled when possible. The carpet layer and padding are often both equally damaged when microbial threats exist. By removing these materials and exposing the subflooring, we can have a clean base to reinstall both of these layers to the homeowner’s preferences. 

Is Any Element of a Wall System Salvageable? 

Spotting and mold development on drywall often leads to the removal of these surface materials. Our professionals can often limit the need to tear out other wall system elements if the organism only impacted the sheetrock. We can remove this material, reinstall the panels to the studs, finish the drywall, and then paint it to match the rest of the room. If the damage is more extensive, wood framing and insulation might get discarded and reinstalled before the surface drywall. 

Hosting materials for mold colonies can quickly deteriorate as the organism feeds on organic matter. Our contractors can help you make it “Even Better Than Before” by seamlessly matching new installations to existing materials. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services can help when you need it when you call (203) 239-0040.

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