Waterbury Home Repairs after Water Damage

The fast migration of water damages in a Waterbury home can have disastrous effects on the property. While restoration teams work around the clock to recover what areas of your house that can get saved and protected, it is up to experienced contractors like our Connecticut Reconstruction Services roster to manage the structural damages that can result after prolonged water exposure.

Because we offer water damage reconstruction for Waterbury homes, our CRS professionals can often be the final stage in returning your property to its original condition. Our efforts for repairing and rebuilding water-damaged dwellings include:

  • Controlled Demolition
  • Wall System Repairs
  • Reinstalling Flooring
  • Repairing Plumbing

Controlled Demolition 

This service that our professionals offer reduces the spread and severity of water damage effects by removing compromised structural elements and construction materials. Drywall and other sensitive materials can wick more moisture and worsen in condition without deliberate removal.

Wall System Repairs

Because many breaches can happen in structural cavities where it is challenging to identify their precise broken points, entire wall systems can become compromised in the region where plumbing leaks occur. Once these materials get removed, our contractors can rebuild the framework, reinstall any vacuumed insulation, cover the frame with drywall, and paint it to match the rest of the room.

Reinstalling Flooring 

Water damage can be destructive to flooring materials like carpet and hardwoods. Despite efforts to dry them, these materials often must get removed and replaced when the water damage is substantial enough. For carpeting, the upper layer and the padding get removed. If the subflooring is not ruined, we can replace the discarded materials only.

Repairing Plumbing

Repairs are a vital element to the work that we do in homes after a water damage. Reconstruction is pointless without repairing the problem. We have skilled building trade professionals that can replace portions of plumbing or reinstall new fixtures to eliminate leaks, breaches, and other issues that led to the water damage incident.

No matter what reconstruction and repair your home needs after flood damage our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help. We are available anytime that you need us. Give us a call at (203) 239-0040.

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