Water Damage Reconstruction in New Haven Gets Life Back to Normal

We Provide Water Damage Reconstruction Services 

A seemingly simple leak in your residence can have far-reaching implications for the structure and its stability. The more prolonged water exposure is a concern, the weaker these impacted components become. As trusted reconstruction and repair specialists, Connecticut Reconstruction Services can assess the condition of your house after water damage and work to provide effective and efficient solutions for needed water damage reconstruction in New Haven.

The Damage a Leak Can Do

Beginning water damage reconstruction in New Haven homes means evaluating the effects of the disaster on the property. Because there are many triggers of water damage, it is critical to assess the property’s structural stability and the salvageability of wet construction elements. Our contracting team can perform this inspection first to determine the state of crucial components of your household like:

  • Plumbing – The source of many leaks and water damage is a compromised portion of plumbing. Our repair specialists remove damaged components and repair your plumbing system first. 
  • Framing – Wood framing is the skeleton of your household, so when these portions become exposed to water damage, it can lead to structural stability concerns. We evaluate the condition of these installations and stabilize the building if this framing must get replaced. 
  • Insulation – Insulation material is expected in the wall systems, especially exterior walls. It is often left to our demo team to pull out the wet insulation and vacuum out smaller bits left behind to install new materials during reconstruction.
  • Drywall – Drywall is one of the materials most likely to become irreparably harmed by water exposure. Sheetrock is highly porous, so this absorption begins immediately. In a brief period, any wet portions of drywall become unsalvageable.
  • Flooring – Water damage can overwhelm the floors of your home, as this is where water can often come to rest. Porous installations like carpeting and plank flooring can begin to absorb this moisture immediately, which can often signal a need for our team to remove these wet materials.

Controlled Demolition Starts Mitigation

Our trusted restoration partners look to our roster to complete controlled demolition and tear-out needed when they cannot save wet materials. Connecticut Reconstruction Services carefully completes material removal to preserve what portions of the property that cleanup and restoration can salvage. 

Reconstructing Removed Components 

Rebuilding is an area where our Connecticut Reconstruction Services shines the most. We can restore conditions to how you remember them before the disaster, even improving by remodeling. Our experience and years of industry expertise allow us to help you design a remodel project from the framework and leave you with a complete renovation to prove some silver linings to such a traumatic situation. 

Water Damage Reconstruction Involves Several Approaches

Water damage reconstruction involves several approaches that Connecticut Reconstruction Services manage. When disasters damage your residence, you can count on the competent contractors of Connecticut Reconstruction Services to help you rebuild. We can get life back to normal with focused water damage reconstruction and build-back services. Call us at (203) 239-0040.