Water Damage Reconstruction in New Haven After Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes Require Water Damage Reconstruction

There are many reasons that burst pipes might occur in your home, from freezing to the degradation of metal materials over the years. When these disasters happen, water damage reconstruction for New Haven properties is required, and Connecticut Reconstruction Services has become a trusted name to help. We follow a specific pattern to clean up the mess and restore your home’s appearance after these compromising and destructive events.

Gutting the Wet Materials

Water damage reconstruction for New Haven homes begins with evaluating how much of the surface materials impacted by the excessive water spread can be salvaged. In many situations, there is an overwhelming amount of water that wall systems and flooring materials are asked to resist. Because of the porous nature of these elements, they fail. Our contractors must perform demolition on several components of your home for water damage reconstruction requirements:

  • Drywall – Drywall is highly absorbent and begins to sag under the weight of water in its pores. There is little time when contractors can preserve these sheetrock panels, so direct exposure often requires removal.
  • Wood Trim – Trim is easily removed and easily reinstalled, and even if undamaged by the movement of water, could be pulled out in the removal of drywall paneling.
  • Carpeting – Carpets are highly absorbent and easily overwhelmed by water. While restorers can sometimes dry these elements, surface materials must usually get pulled up when the saturation begins to impact subflooring.

Assessing the Plumbing

With much of the damaged materials removed, there is a clear visual of the damaged portions of the plumbing pipe and leaking connections. We can evaluate where the specific problem occurred and our best determination of what caused the burst or separation scenario. We can also look at other connected building materials surrounding the plumbing to determine their viability for restoration and if mold-inhibiting products should be used to protect from fungal growth.

Repairing the Utility 

Once the damage has gotten assessed, we can eliminate any portions of the visible plumbing system that are currently part of the leaking problem or that could have similar issues in the immediate future. Using compression fittings, PEX pipe can be attached to copper or lead lines standard in older homes. If freezing was a concern for these interior wall plumbing features, we could ensure that accessible pipes get insulated against similar circumstances.

Replacing Discarded Materials From Water Damage Reconstruction

Connecticut Reconstruction Services must reinstall all the removed materials covering the utility to return your home to its original condition. Depending on how far the water damage spread from the source, this could describe several building elements. We start by water damage reconstruction wall systems from the inside out. Insulation gets replaced on exterior wall systems, and drywall panels get rehung. Seams are taped and plastered to prepare for repainting with mold-inhibiting primers and color-matched topcoats. 

Connecticut Reconstruction Services has seen the aftermath of burst pipes for residences on multiple occasions, so we know how to employ water damage reconstruction for New Haven homes to help. Give us a call today at (203) 239-0040.

Replacing the Plumbing Entirely

For water damage reconstruction for burst pipes, you might be considering the possibility of these disasters happening again. Aging plumbing materials can be a ticking time bomb for your household, so consider replacing these with more stable and longer-lasting PVC and PEX piping. These semi-rigid plumbing solutions are less likely to burst under pressure and are not susceptible to erosion over time, like copper and lead lines.