Water Damage Reconstruction for Ruined Norwalk Kitchens

Is Norwalk Water Damage Reconstruction Necessary

The kitchen is common for several types of water damage incidents. Emergencies are unpredictable despite your priority to keep up with the degradation of some of the room’s more heavily used appliances and fixtures. In many cases, Norwalk homes can require water damage reconstruction after:

  • Leaks
  • Burst Pipes
  • Appliance Damage
  • Flooding

Water damage reconstruction for Norwalk homes can describe many efforts made to neutralize active threats and reduce the spread and severity of the disaster in the kitchen. While the cause of these compromising conditions might change, many of the required restoration and repair steps are similar. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services crew can help with several early actions.

Removing Appliances and Inspecting Structural Damage

Controlled demolition plays a part in protecting the property from greater harm after water damage incidents. Whether appliances are to blame for the emergency or not, they will often need to be removed from the workspace so that our competent management can inspect the structure for integrity concerns or further damage.

Pulling Up Damaged Flooring

Even with water-resistant flooring materials, excessive water exposure can be too much for wood floors, linoleum, and other common building elements. Removing the surface floor materials is often necessary to preserve and protect the subflooring like OSB and plywood from deterioration. Our CRS team will replace this flooring once the kitchen drying and surface cleaning are complete.

Removing Ruined Base Cabinets 

Cabinetry can also be heavily damaged by present water. Many commonly installed cabinets in single-family homes are particleboard or similarly porous materials. While this helps to keep costs down, their high absorbency makes them challenging to save when water damages occur. Base cabinets can often require removal and replacement to overcome kitchen water emergencies.

Replacing Wall Systems 

Similarly, water can continue to spread through baseboards, insulation, wood framing, drywall, and other wall assembly components. Controlled demolition only removes the most damaged portions of these systems. However, pipe bursts in the wall can lead to several panels of drywall being discarded along with connected elements of the structural cavity. This construction must often occur before replacing components like the flooring or cabinets.

Norwalk Water Damage Reconstruction Services

Water damage reconstruction in Norwalk homes is also likely needed when your kitchen requires restoration. Let our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team help you to get life back to normal and make this situation “Even Better Than Before.” We provide high quality restoration services to all of our customers for water, fire, mold and commercial needs.  Call us now at (203) 239-0040.