Water Damage Reconstruction for Hamden Home Kitchens

Kitchen Leaks Need Water Damage Reconstruction

Leaks are more common in a kitchen than you might think. Water moving through the wall systems can find its way through drywall to impact cabinets and flooring. Upon arrival, we must assess the condition of wet building materials to determine where water damage reconstruction should begin for Hamden. 

Where Is the Water Damage? 

One of the first steps for our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team with water damage reconstruction in Hamden homes is finding where the water damage exists. We have sophisticated tools to track moisture movement and damp pockets. Specific kitchen areas damaged by water can lead to substantial loss when drying and cleanup do not get started immediately. Prolonged exposure can often lead to the necessary removal of:

  • Wall System
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring

Removing Ruined and Moldy Materials

We cannot allow wet materials to remain installed throughout your kitchen. While many homeowners might believe in the power of air drying and even the effectiveness of restoration tools, there is only a finite timeline before irreparable harm results to affected surfaces. Elements like the cabinetry and flooring hold on to water damage and absorb it, which often causes issues like swelling and warping or cabinets pulling away from drywall. We must carefully remove and discard these damaged elements to create a stable base for reconstruction.

Reconstruction Services for Your Kitchen 

You have likely never seen your kitchen gutted out of wet materials, leaving structural cavities exposed, flooring missing, and other key elements removed. As alarming as this might be, we are the trusted reconstruction and restoration professionals to get your kitchen back to looking its best. Our team must employ several steps after drying and cleanup are complete. When build-back is needed, it begins with:

  • Reconstructing the Floor – Before any other reconstruction efforts can begin, Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals must literally reinstall from the ground up. We replace removed flooring with water-resistant solutions that provide a new attractive base to one of your home’s most active rooms. 
  • Replacing the Walls – Walls are the structural supports for items like the cabinets of your kitchen, not to mention the backdrop to the entire room. Drywall must be installed properly to studs, finished, and painted. 
  • Reinstalling Cabinet Units – With the supportive elements installed, we can install new cabinetry where the others were destroyed. Base cabinets are topped with counters where this makes sense and fitted around appliances newly installed after removal. 

Professionals of Water Damage Reconstruction in Hamden

Water damage reconstruction for Hamden homes and businesses is a specialty of Connecticut Reconstruction Services. Our professionals understand what is necessary to get your property back to pre-loss condition, working with trusted restoration professionals by providing critical repairs and demolition along the way. We are ready to help whenever disasters strike at (203) 239-0043.