Water Damage Reconstruction After Leaks in New Haven Bathrooms

Leaks Need Repairs and Water Damage Reconstruction

Leaks are an unfortunate aspect of life as a homeowner, and you need to act quickly to address the spreading water to avoid creating quite a mess in your house. We are trusted repair specialists to help with water damage reconstruction your residence might need when leaks occur in the bathroom.

Materials Impacted by Plumbing Leaks

Water damage reconstruction in New Haven  by our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can often be needed in bathrooms. With so much piping and plumbing to bring water to this room and drain used water out, the possibilities of leaks and water damage are higher than nearly anywhere else on your property. Addressing water damage in this space typically begins with removing wet, ruined materials before our trusted restoration partners can begin cleanup and drying. 

  • Drywall/Trim: With much of the plumbing hidden in the walls, drywall is one of the first materials to suffer significant damage from a line break or spray. Absorbent drywall becomes heavy when wet, breaking away from studs, or sagging. We remove all wet sheetrock panels. 
  • Flooring: Water can collect on the floors. In these cases, you learn the difference between water-resistant and waterproof materials. Swelling plank flooring is pulled up and discarded to the subflooring. 
  • Fixtures: Materials used in installations like the vanity can be destroyed by contaminated water or absorption. It is often easier to remove the entire cabinet unit and replace it. 

Water Damage Reconstruction is Crucial 

Water damage reconstruction is crucial in recovering the bathroom after leaks and breaks. We remove plumbing fixtures that came apart or developed holes. Sturdier and more versatile plastic options are used instead of lead-soldered copper joints. The rest of the exposed plumbing is also evaluated for potential replacement and repairs if more leaks, drips, or degradation is possible.

Rebuilding Your Bathroom

With the repairs complete, Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals focus on rebuilding the bathroom. We take each installation process in sequence, beginning with new flooring materials. Any fixtures are also placed where needed during the placement of new planks or tiles. Our team then focuses on replacing the wall assemblies, trim, and baseboards. 

One of the advantages of taking some of the structural elements down to the framing and studs is the potential for remodeling. Our experienced contractors replace discarded and removed construction materials, so this can be an ideal time to consider revamping the appearance of your bathroom and adding some upgraded amenities when repairs are needed.
There are many types of water damage reconstruction actions that our team takes to secure your home, repair the impact of water loss, and restore structural integrity. When your bathroom needs to be rebuilt after a water disaster, contact our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team at (203) 239-0043.