The Varying Degrees of Fire Damage Reconstruction in Shelton

Fire Damage Reconstruction in Shelton Can Vary

Because no two fire losses are the same for homes or businesses, the need for fire damage reconstruction in Shelton homes also varies. Connecticut Reconstruction Services has multiple ways to help after disasters based on the impact of these conditions on elements of a residence.

Debris Removal and Controlled Demolition

As a competent and reliable contractor for fire damage reconstruction in Shelton, we understand the importance of eliminating damaged materials and construction elements to prevent more significant harm to the property. Debris and bulk materials can increase the concentration of odors or hazardous carcinogenic particles, for example. Our controlled demolition and debris removal processes begin as soon as our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team arrives so we can have the most direct impact on the property. We can place a large dumpster, remove all the damaged materials, and cart it off to the landfill. Fire damage reconstruction for your Shelton home needs to be addressed by our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team.

Resurfacing or Refinishing 

Fire damage reconstruction and repairs are readily needed after fires, but complete demolition and replacement are not always required. At times, fire damage reconstruction in Shelton homes by our contractors involves refinishing surfaces that the fire’s conditions could have impacted. Blistering, soot damage and staining can often be overcome by resurfacing or replacing smaller components of the damaged areas.

  • Cabinets 

Older cabinets using premium wood can be heavily impacted by smoke or grease fire residues when a kitchen flare-up occurs. It is often worth it to customers to take the time to restore these cabinets instead of entirely replacing them. We can strip the finish for unpainted wood, and when soot and smoke damage has been cleaned, refinish the units to their original, natural look.

  • Painted Walls

Paint on drywall can be challenging because this layer could show damage that has not impacted the building material. Instead of stripping the paint, we can apply a solvent-based blocking primer after surface cleaning to trap odors and bury any lingering surface staining. A fresh coat of new paint returns the room to its original appearance.

  • Wallpapered Surfaces 

Similarly, wallpapered surfaces can show damage on the outermost layer without indication of a greater structural issue. We must peel and scrape wallpaper from the surface, ensure this area is well cleaned and devoid of smoke odor damage, and reapply new wallpaper or paint per the homeowner’s wishes.

Rebuilding After Combustion 

Depending on the cause of a fire and where it burned the longest, certain materials can show greater signs of damage than others. A fire that begins in one of the house’s rooms will ultimately impact the wall surfaces, flooring, and contents of this space as it spreads to neighboring rooms. Reconstruction is often needed at this ignition point and might be required less the farther the loss effects move from the source.

Complete Reconstruction Needs After a Fire 

At times, your home can become destroyed by a fire loss incident. We must clear debris and material remnants to any stable foundational element and begin rebuilding from this point to reconstruct wall systems, ceiling assemblies, and other units that existed before the disaster. Total rebuilding is the most time-consuming and involved way our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help, so we work to isolate our workspace to limit our intrusion on your life as much as possible if you can stay in the house. We provide top-notch fire damage reconstruction in your area.

Connecticut Reconstruction Services understands fire damage reconstruction in Shelton and can begin these necessary steps alongside trusted restoration professionals. We can partner with local SERVPRO franchises to expedite the cleanup and prep. Call us today for help after a fire at (203) 239-0040.