The Role of Our Experienced Contractors in Overcoming Mold Damage for New Haven Homes

From controlled demolition to reconstruction, New Haven homes need help after mold damage.

As a top reconstruction company in Connecticut, we have built a reputation on comprehensive solutions after disasters like storm and mold damage. As a byproduct of unmanaged humidity or moisture damages, mold can be a destructive force in homes and commercial properties. Few instances occur that do not require some form of repairs or reconstruction, and choosing a qualified roster like ours means the job is getting done quickly. 

Removing Water and Flood-Damaged Materials

Before much mold damage reconstruction in New Haven can begin, factors that cause mold growth initially must be addressed. Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals remove flood-damaged elements and wet bulk materials to reduce the overall moisture and humidity in the affected areas of the house. Starving mold microbes of the conditions necessary for colonization makes other repairs and reconstruction easier to achieve. 

Controlled Demolition Steps to Help New Haven Homes

As much as our team can help with the full repairs and reconstruction that mold-damaged properties require, controlled demolition is what begins this process. Eliminating overly damaged structural elements and construction materials, ranging from wall systems to flooring and ceilings, prevents higher concentrations of microbial spores and a greater need for demolition in the days to follow.

Where Does Tear-Out Stop? 

Carefully evaluating the condition of exposed elements like the drywall and carpeted floors can be vital in defining the perimeter of the damaged areas. Not all exposed materials require removal and replacement, so continued evaluation and inspection of these areas determine where tear-out is no longer necessary. 

Rebuilding Homes and Businesses After Mold Damage 

Starting from clean and stable foundations, we can reconstruct wall systems to their original appearance and function. Installing sheetrock panels to wood framing is only the beginning, however. We also paint finished drywall to match the rest of the room, replaster ceiling materials, and reinstall flooring where necessary. 
To make things “Even Better Than Before,” our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team must provide a full range of demolition and repair contingencies. We are ready to help immediately after disasters when you call (203) 239-0040.