The Repairs Hamden Properties Need After Mold Damage

When mold damage impacts Hamden homes, our professionals can provide the reconstruction and repair necessary to help. 

As leading reconstruction specialists for the state, we can help homes and commercial properties with mold damage concerns. Because half of businesses do not reopen after disasters, we have efficient mold damage reconstruction solutions to restore the property and protect its contents.

Emergency Services Available 24/7 From a Trusted Insurance Reconstruction Team 

When mold damage reconstruction in Hamden homes is necessary, we have multiple emergency services that can help regulate these conditions. When the building or its contents are vulnerable to spreading mold organisms, fast actions are necessary, like content relocation. We have advanced practices and technology for handling and cataloging items from damaged homes or businesses being stored in our facility.  

Controlled Demolition and Safe Disposal

Black mold can feed on organic matter like drywall and flooring materials acting as hosts for the colonies. When deterioration is bad enough, our contractors must remove these building materials and replace them. We can safely dispose of and discard these structural elements as well.

Repairing Vulnerabilities in the House That Allows Mold Growth

Determining where moisture can penetrate the structure and the appropriate steps that can get taken to prevent mold recurrences is vital. We evaluate insurance coverage and secure the property using immediate repair practices to fix damaged roofs. We help with:

  • Relaying masonry
  • Concrete damage
  • Roof damage
  • Replacing broken windows

Reinstalling Removed Damaged Elements Promptly

Because we partner with SERVPRO, we can often have access to begin reinstallation of removed and discarded building materials as soon as possible. A fast turnaround on repairs and reconstruction after mold damage is vital to preventing costlier harm to the property. Controlled demolition practices we have already implemented ensured that the reinstallation of structural elements required as little new material as possible and was as efficient as it could be.
Do not let a disaster ruin your property. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help with all of the mold damage reconstruction needs your home has after microbial threats and can make it “Even Better Than Before.” We are ready anytime at (203) 239-0040.