The Final Stages of Mold Recovery for Your Shelton Home

The Final Stages of Mold Recovery for Your Shelton Home

Mold is not something you can often address in your Shelton home quickly, as there are multiple stages in removing active colonies while protecting as much of the installed construction materials as possible. Because we have a trusted restoration partnership with a large loss recovery provider like SERVPRO, we can leave remediation efforts in their hands, and we can work on the final stages of repair that your property needs.

As an experienced team of general contractors, we can walk our customers through the mold damage reconstruction Shelton homes need after remediation efforts complete. Our process may begin with controlled demolition. This intricate removal of construction materials targets only the areas where mold has eroded installed wallboard, trim, flooring, and ceiling materials. Before we can reconstruct a mold-damaged property, the source or sources of the infestations must be remedied. We are proud of always doing what is best for our clients, no rushing to completion, no rushing that causes a return visit to “fix a fix.”

mold damage reconstruction Shelton

Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals have years of experience in repairing damaged utilities as well, allowing us to address problems that initially led to the mold growth in the first place before walls, flooring, and ceiling drywall get reinstalled in the property. Aging plumbing and improperly installed fixtures can be enough to lead to the water damage necessary to facilitate mold growth, and our contractors can replace fittings, portions of plumbing, and other connectors to ensure a watertight seal before build back continues.

Build back is one of the final steps that your home must endure to be “Even Better Than Before.” We take careful considerations in choosing the right materials to match up against existing surfaces and structural elements to provide a seamless transition from old construction materials to the newly installed replacement portions. We can meet your specific design desires as well if you wish to take the opportunity with our skilled professionals at your disposal to make some remodeling and renovation decisions.

We know that between restoration, remediation, and reconstruction, homeowners can wait a while before their property is back to its original condition. With our commitment to quality and efficiency, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services contractors can transition quickly from remediation to our vital build-back to reduce your wait times. Give us a call anytime at (203) 239-0040.

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