Should You Choose the Insurance-Recommended Contractor for Damage to Your Home?

Disasters that leave your home in need of reconstruction and repairs can be a traumatic situation. In many cases, homeowners are unfamiliar with their options. They worry that they might be making the wrong choice by choosing the contractor and restoration team recommended by the insurance provider for the house. There are several positive considerations of following this suggestion.

Establishing a Report with Insurance Vendors 

Becoming the recommended company for local providers and completing insurance reconstruction in Hamden homes is a process built on a foundation of experience, timely results, and craftsmanship. The expertise of our roster to complete several types of repairs and restoration have propelled us forward as a trusted choice for build-back services.

Becoming a Preferred Restoration and Reconstruction Team 

Customers considering the recommended company should consider the vetting process that created us as the top name in reconstruction and repairs after disasters. In most situations where residents file a damage claim and require approval to afford the restoration process, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) team understands providers’ requirements for evidence and documentation of the damage to secure approvals.

Creating a Clear Recovery Plan 

A direct relationship with the insurance provider affording the bulk of the reconstruction and repairs a home requires after water, fire, and storm damage means creating custom restoration plans with solid parameters based on:

  • Scope of the Work – Thorough assessments provides the data and damage catalog to create a stable reconstruction and restoration plan and subsequent estimation.
  • Estimated Timeline – It is in an insurance company’s best interest to see their policy holder’s home get returned to pre-loss condition as soon as possible. A proposed timeline and recovery milestones are often established to keep pressing progress forward.
  • Established Budget – Quickly learning the limitations of the available budget focuses the repair approach to provide straightforward solutions that stay within these set limits.

The Benefit of Choosing a Recommended Contractor

One of the primary advantages of choosing a company with an established working relationship with your insurance provider is that we can cut out the typical tape and paperwork of using a homeowner as a middleman to work directly with the insurance company. This subrogation agreement ultimately makes the necessary elements of post-disaster reconstruction more efficient.

Focusing on a high level of customer service, we can make damaged homes “Even Better Than Before.” Call our experienced Connecticut Reconstruction Services team today at (203) 239-0040.