Residential Reconstruction after Fire Damage to Shelton Homes

Life along the Housatonic River is usually pretty nice for Shelton homeowners. Flooding can be an issue here, but it is not the problem that it can be for other cities closer to the coast. Living farther inland does not protect against other disasters, though, like mold or fires.

Residential reconstruction after fire damage to a Shelton home needs to happen quickly to protect it from secondary damage. That can include exposure to the elements if the interior is left open by wall or roof damage or cleaning and removing charred debris and smoke residues which can pit surfaces and generate odors more difficult to remove the longer they remain in the home. Connecticut Reconstruction Services specializes in rebuilding homes to their pre-fire condition and eliminating sources of odors and other indications of damage.

Every fire causes some physical damage to the structure. In smaller fires quickly extinguished, our work crews often replace ceiling tiles or panels, especially in kitchen fires that generated high, hot flames, and very thick, greasy residues difficult to remove with even strong cleaning agents. Other replacements include kitchen cabinets, islands, and countertops.

For larger fires that burned more property, building crews replace wall framing and hang new drywall to recreate the interior of the home. If the fire reached into the overhead crawlspace, crew members can also replace the roof supports and even lay a new roof over everything if needed.

Where insurance companies decide to replace damaged items rather than pay out for restoration, many homeowners take advantage of the situation to upgrade. At Connecticut Reconstruction Services, we have a design team that helps with every aspect from a new paint color in the living room to new, smart appliances in the kitchen or even moving interior walls to change the size of rooms or even add a new one.

To make certain our construction crews work in a clean, safe environment, we partner with area SERVPRO offices. In homes with heavy damage, our crew members can work side-by-side with their technicians to ensure the structure is rapidly cleaned and prepared so that reconstruction can begin as quickly as possible. Included in the partnership are debris removal, smoke residue cleaning, and odor elimination.

Our goal here at Connecticut Reconstruction Services is to put every Shelton homeowner back into their residences in the original, or better than it was, condition before the fire. If you have any damage in your home from smoke, heat, or open flames, call us today at 203-239-0040 to schedule a visit and receive a free estimate of services.

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