Residential Mold Damage Reconstruction in New Haven 

Like every other community on Long Island Sound, New Haven residents know how to prepare for and recover from, storms and flooding. What many of us do not see, however, is the mold that can begin to grow thanks to the excess water and moisture. In a short amount of time it quickly spreads through a home, damaging walls, ceilings, and more. The cost in dealing with mold can even exceed rebuilding costs after storm and flood damage.

Mold damage reconstruction in New Haven homes can also be time-consuming. That is why Connecticut Reconstruction Services extensively trains its work crewmembers on every construction task needed to return each home to its owner as quickly as possible.

Although our personnel can quickly respond to any mold infestation, there are some situations where the mold can grow unnoticed for years. When that happens, it is sometimes necessary for our crews to call in a service that specializes in mold removal and cleanup. It is why we work closely with the SERVPRO franchises in our area during demolition to make certain every home is clean and safe for reoccupation before taking any further steps.

With demolition and clean-up completed, Connecticut Reconstruction Services crews begin rebuilding. Crewmembers first install new wall framing and support so that the interior of the starts to take shape, giving a needed boost to homeowners worried that they have lost everything. At each step, our crew leader works with the homeowner and the insurance adjuster to make certain everything meets their requirements.

After completing the support structure, the rest of the home falls into place. Work crews can install new drywall panels quickly, closing in rooms and hallways in just a day or two. Once in place, crewmembers can paint the home just as quickly, then install the new floor and ceiling trim, so everything looks just as it did, or better than it did, before the mold infestation.

No matter how extensive the mold damage might be to your New Haven home, Connecticut Reconstruction Services is here to put it all back together. Call us today at 203-239-0040 to get started on the reconstruction and restoration process so we can make your home “Even Better Than Before.”

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