Residential and Commercial Reconstruction After Water Damage in New Haven

Although New Haven residents have to deal with the effects of extreme weather on occasion, most water intrusions into area homes and businesses are the result of broken plumbing or faulty appliances like a broken dishwasher or a high-level cut-off switch that fails on a water heater. Many of these incidents are small in comparison to a storm, but when they occur overnight in a home or during a day when the business is closed, the effects can be the same and just as expensive to replace or rebuild.

In New Haven, reconstruction after water damage to area homes needs a company with the right skills and equipment but also understands local needs. Connecticut Reconstruction Services is that company. Our construction crews specialize in rebuilding homes and business after a disaster and perform each task so that it meets the specifications of the insurance company and the desires of the home or business owner.

As a full-service construction company, we can make each home or business look exactly as it did, or even better than it was before. As long the change does not violate a building code, our builders can expand or shrink room sizes, widen hallways, and do almost anything else. That includes upgrading the electrical and plumbing when needed.

To make certain that our builders and technicians start in a clean home with a solid foundation, our company works closely with and recommends using the nearby SERVPRO franchises. Our relationship is extensive and covers everything from a single family dwelling to restoring entire neighborhoods or business areas in conjunction with the Large Loss Response Team. It is why we can guarantee our work and not worry about any hidden water pockets or other problems that can show up six months later, requiring additional work for additional damage.

If the damage is extensive, we also maintain a 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse for long-term storage of personal property. This location in North Haven is climate controlled and provides an excellent, temporary home for your property.

As a locally owned business, Connecticut Reconstruction Services understands that every customer is also one of our neighbors. If your home has suffered through a water intrusion, call us at 203-239-0040 today to help you put it all back together.

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