Replacing Kitchen Fixtures After a Fire in Your Waterbury Home

Grease and protein-based fires can be overwhelming for rooms like the kitchen. Hundreds of individual porous surfaces exist that can all be ruined with prolonged soot and smoke damage exposure. Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) provides fast and efficient reconstruction and repair services to minimize the often-costlier aspects of recovery like build-back. 

Structural Evaluation of the Property

Professionals beginning the fire damage reconstruction of Waterbury homes must first determine where repairs and build-back will be needed. In kitchen spaces, the focus of contractors is the condition of the wood cabinets, the countertops, the wall systems, backsplashes, and other fixtures. Identifying damage at this stage ensures proper demo gets underway as it should. We inspect and act on damage to: 

  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Hanging cabinet units
  • Hood vents 
  • Counters 
  • Furniture

Demolition and Disposal of Cabinetry

The cabinets are among the most expensive fixtures in the kitchen, often even more valuable than appliances like the stove or refrigerator. With custom cabinetry common after kitchen remodeling jobs, damage to the individual units cannot be readily overcome with replacement. We can remove the affected base and hanging cabinets if resurfacing or cleaning is not feasible.

Removing Countertops and Textiles 

Horizontal surfaces like a countertop can allow thick protein residues to ruin the finish and permanently scar the material. We can quickly remove backsplash paneling and trim, followed by the countertops, to provide a new material that looks and functions better. We cover potential replacement options with the homeowner to determine if they wish to change the look of their kitchen counters with them uninstalled and discarded. 

Reconstructing a Damaged Kitchen

We are reconstruction specialists, especially with insurance claims. We can gut out kitchen areas damaged by grease fires and begin working fast to make it “Even Better Than Before.” With cabinets, base cupboards, countertops, and other structural elements removed and the area cleaned, the next step is replacing these discarded parts. Our considerations for matching existing materials.

Restoring your damaged kitchen often comes with demolition and reconstruction after grease fires. Experienced contractors can offer effective emergency services and permanent build-back solutions to return the home to pre-loss condition. Give our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team a call if disasters strike at (203) 239-0040.