Reconstruction for Walls

Replacing Drywall After Hamden Water Damage

Working closely with many of the restoration teams in the area has given our professionals a unique perspective on recovery efforts in Hamden homes after water losses. With a dried structure, our CRS team can begin the controlled demolition of damaged construction materials and build back your home needs. We consult with our customers to meet their precise expectations and specifications, including remodeling or renovations that can become possible with stripping your property down to the studding. 

A thorough assessment of the drywall condition can determine if partial removal is more efficient than eliminating entire panels of the wallboard in Hamden. Within 24 hours, direct exposure to drywall can change its composition. This reaction causes the material to swell and crumble, making it impossible to recover. We can utilize powered or manual drywall saws to cut out portions of drywall to reduce material costs and reconstruction time for our customers. If any further structural weaknesses exist, our licensed contractors can remove them and clean up edges and debris for a seamless re-installation. 

Water damage reconstruction for Hamden, CT

Reconstruction of this area begins when restoration professionals have dried out the damaged zones. We must establish if any repairs are necessary to utilities within the wall cavities that are now exposed. Our contractors have experience with repairing plumbing, damaged electrical conduits, and other hidden elements. 

We can reinstall insulation into these cavities and cut out new portions of drywall to the specific sizes that were removed. Much like new construction, the portions of sheets get screwed to the existing studs and framework. Joint compounds and sanding can smooth out the seams. We can finalize our efforts by applying paint to the new wall surfaces to make the formerly damaged areas “Even Better Than Before.”

Reconstruction and build back that your home requires after water loss varies from one property to the next, but we have experienced contractors to help. You can count on our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team to work alongside restoration professionals to dry out your property and to have it looking better than before. Call us anytime at (203) 239-0040.

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