Repairing Waterbury Roof Damages After a Storm

Powerful storms expected to impact Waterbury homes and businesses can often first damage the roofs of these structures. From hail to heavy snowfall, trusses and joists are asked to withstand substantial weights, high winds, and other compromising conditions that can permanently harm these elements’ structural integrity. From missing shingles and split seams on metal roofs to deteriorating underlayment or broken joists, many look to our Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) team to help.

Regarding storm damage reconstruction for Waterbury homes, these repairs and full-scale building requires an understanding of how badly impacted the roof has become. Reconstruction can help to prevent flood damages if they have not already occurred. Once on the roof, our CRS team can begin removing shingles to access the underlayment and assess its condition. When this plywood and water barrier become damaged, they must get removed and replaced to prevent costly damages inside of your home at a later point.

If the underlayment material has become completely damaged or saturated, often insulation and even the joists beneath these barriers are affected as well. A careful evaluation of these supports is necessary to ensure that they can continue to perform to their expected capacities. If too much damage occurs to these joists, they must get removed and replaced along with the other portions of the roof requiring reconstruction.

What Can We Do to Help with Internal Structural Damages? 

If water damage occurs in the attic through a damaged roof, other structural elements could become ruined in this situation. We can assess the need for controlled demolition and material discarding, including the removal of wet, sagging materials like:

  • Unfinished Attic Flooring
  • Ceiling Materials
  • Insulation

Storms are nothing new to our New England area, especially with some of the hurricane-level systems that can pass through every year. We can help to rebuild and repair your damaged home or business after a severe weather event passes through the area. You can reach our experienced roster of building trade professionals 24/7. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services can make it “Even Better Than Before” when you call (203) 239-0040.