Specialized Storm Damage Reconstruction in Waterbury

Here in Waterbury, many of the homes and businesses that have relied on our fast and trusted experience in the building trades have suffered at the hands of storm damage. As a reconstruction company, we can work alongside qualified restoration professionals to offer pre-mitigation solutions like controlled demolition and temporary construction. 

Passing weather events can leave you with a need for storm damage reconstruction in your Waterbury home. From torrential rainfall and hail to violent winds, many structural compromises could exist in your residence that must get addressed along with the arrival of our contractors. By inspecting and assessing the property, our licensed builders can determine the pressing needs of your home, so that little time gets wasted in returning the property to its pre-loss condition. 

While there are possibly hundreds of ways that severe weather can damage your home, roof breaches and missing shingles are among the most common. Especially in a situation with high winds like the hurricane-strength storm systems that have passed through Connecticut in the past. We can inspect the underlayment materials, joists, supports, and other parts of your roof system to ensure that it is not just missing shingles that need replacement. 

When floodwater has penetrated through roof openings, the immediately exposed materials must often get cut out and discarded. With calculated, controlled demolition approaches, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services contractors can limit the money you have invested in replacement materials and the length of the repair. Because we can work so closely with restoration teams, we can help to both make that aspect of recovering the property more efficient as well as seamlessly transition to the build back when ready.  

Roofs can take considerable damage from severe weather events. If the roof is not missing shingles or other critical elements of its appearance, these systems of your home’s construction can remain at risk for falling trees or other debris concerns. No matter how severe structural threats might be after the storm passes, you can count on our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team to make it “Even better than before.” We are available 24/7 at (203) 239-0040.