Repairing and Remodeling After Mold Damage in New Haven

The discovery of mold in your New Haven home can be a hazardous obstacle, and can often significantly damage structural elements and construction materials used in your home. While you can trust in remediation professionals to handle the immediate colony suppression and removal, our CRS team can handle the reconstruction and remodeling needs of your property after that. Microbial threats can change the composition and structural integrity of building materials, leaving many areas in need of replacement. 

A full assessment of the work that must get done helps to determine the mold damage reconstruction your New Haven property needs. Remediation only handles a fraction of the threat after microbial losses, and controlled demolition techniques can help to finalize the removal of mold colonies from the house. This tear-out can help to reduce the concentration of active mold spores in the damaged areas. 

Because of the location of plumbing in the property, many residents experience mold growth on ceiling tiles, drywall, and even through their hardwood flooring. We want to handle these situations immediately to reduce the spread and continuation of damage. Controlled demolition removes only the affected portions of the construction material, leaving the remainder installed. This approach requires only a portion of the materials that a full replacement would, saving both time and money for our customers. 

Before areas like the drywall can get entirely reconstructed, we can address lingering concerns with leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures that led to the microbial threat. An inspection of the plumbing system in wall cavities and above the damaged ceiling tiles can showcase the immediate concerns and potential future problems that our experienced general contractors can address while the lines are still exposed. 

Many can also benefit from using a disaster like mold growth to their advantage when they already considered remodeling their home. Because much of the surface materials must get removed, and the house taken down to its structural skeleton, this can be an ideal time to consider your options for remodeling. Our CRS team can work out design plans and blueprints to meet your specific wants and wishes, making it “Even Better Than Before.” 

Whatever your home or business needs after disastrous mold damage, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help. Give us a call whenever you need us at (203) 239-0040.

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