Repairing a Damaged Waterbury Kitchen After a Fire Loss

The kitchen area of Waterbury homes can be among the most common places on a property to encounter fire damages. Mismanaged cooking in various appliances and stovetops can quickly ignite vulnerable materials nearby and spread loss effects throughout the room. While there are several steps for restorers, professionals like our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team also have several measures in returning a property to pre-loss condition. 

When fire damage reconstruction in Waterbury homes is necessary, this is a situation that our CRS team can learn about quickly. As a trusted contractor in the state, we have several means of limiting further loss concerns and structural deterioration. For fires that originate on stoves and nearby appliances, there are often several universal actions our contractors can take to prepare the home for reconstruction. 

  • Removing Appliances – Regardless of the damage to the stove, it must get removed to allow for more immediate access to the damaged areas. 
  • Removing Counters and Cabinets – Cabinetry can become quickly damaged by soot and odors. Counters can also experience this damage and require removal and discarding, despite their finish.
  • Discarding Damaged Drywall – The wall material behind the stove where the fire’s heat was at its worst can be wholly damaged and require discarding. 
  • Pulling Up Linoleum Flooring and Underlayment – Between the heat and the blistering/warping possible with roll-on flooring materials, we must often remove linoleum and assess the subflooring for damages that might require its removal as well. 

How Complicated is Reconstruction? 

Initial efforts that we take in damaged homes can help restoration and mitigation be more efficient. Once these stages complete, our professionals can replace discarded materials like the cabinets, drywall, and flooring. 

After a fire loss, you have to work quickly to provide your home the controlled demolition and repairs necessary to make it “Even Better Than Before.” Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team is available 24/7 by calling (203) 239-0040.