Removing Cabinets and Countertops After a Kitchen Fire in New Haven

A grease fire flaring up in the kitchen can spread quickly and affect many surfaces in the room. Even with a fast extinguishment, many materials in the kitchen could be severely affected, including:

  • Counters
  • Cabinets
  • Tile floors
  • Light fixtures
  • Drywall

Assessing the Damage to the Structure

The needed fire damage reconstruction for New Haven homes is determined by thoroughly inspecting the kitchen area and surrounding rooms. Protein residues often leave surfaces difficult to clean or permanently stained, so replacing the cabinets and countertops might be necessary. 

Removing the Hanging Units 

Suspended cabinet units are often primarily affixed with screws from the cabinet into available studs of the wood framing within the wall system. Once these are removed, it should be easy to discard all affected cabinets. 

Uninstalling Countertop Materials

Before the base cabinet units can be removed and later replaced, our team must pull the countertop material from above these cabinets. Based on the restorability of these surface materials, the counter material might be reinstalled if the customer desires. 

Removing Base Cabinets 

Like hanging units, these are screwed directly into studs located in the wall system. Once the supporting hardware has been unscrewed from the wood framing, the individual cabinets can be carried out of the kitchen and appropriately discarded. Any plumbing or appliances are disconnected to avoid water or other damages. 

Reinstalling Hardware and Structural Elements After Restoration

With all affected cabinets removed, the underlying materials can be cleaned, odor sealed, and painted. New cabinets are laid out to match the original function of the old units, or a new layout is considered with the customer to improve the kitchen as they wish. Gaps are filled with special filling pieces to match the cabinetry, and the base units are prepared for a new countertop to be installed. 
Many structure fires require reconstruction and build-back services to make things “Even Better Than Before.” Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can carefully discard damaged fixtures and structural elements to return a property to pre-loss conditions. Call today at (203) 239-0040.