Reconstruction Services After Storm Damage to New Haven Neighborhoods

The extreme weather over the last few years resulted in some very unusual, and powerful, storms that damaged homes here in New Haven. As a full-service construction and restoration company, Connecticut Reconstruction Services can perform every task from boarding up broken windows to laying in a new roof, and also ensure each homeowner receives every dollar possible from their insurance agency.

New Haven reconstruction after storm damage begins with protecting each home from additional issues. Our builders seal off every entry point into the home with plywood and industrial-grade plastic sheeting to reduce and eliminate the risk from more weather, animal and insect intrusions, and vandals that enter damaged homes to steal copper pipes and wiring for scrap.

What’s Next for Reconstruction?

Once secured, Connecticut Reconstruction Services crews quickly remove all debris from home. That includes demolition, where needed, of walls, personal property, floors, and roofs. Swift removal lets crew members begin work sooner, which further protects the home and reduces the amount of damage from standing water.

As an example, take a home where a severe thunderstorm ripped through a section of roof at the rear, damaged the wall supporting it, and shattering the sliding glass, patio doors. The damaged section of roof was over the kitchen, so crew members had to remove the twisted exhaust vent before they could finish covering the roof and wall. That included securing plywood over the broken kitchen window frame as well as the patio entrance.

The storm blew hard enough to loosen several cabinets in the kitchen, so crew members drilled new holes and reattached them with new screws after cleaning the back panels and the walls behind them. Another cabinet was blown off its mounting and broke apart on the floor. Crew members replaced the cabinet, stained it to match the others, and made minor repairs to the linoleum covering the floor. Fortunately, the water drained out of the kitchen on its own, so this was the only damage to the linoleum.

To ensure our crew begins work in the best environment possible, Connecticut Reconstruction Services works closely with local agencies to remove the stormwater and then disinfect every surface contaminated by it.

As the two crews finished the interior, our crew leader brought in trained brick masons and licensed roofers. Their repairs matched seamlessly into the existing structure, so even the owner could not tell the difference.

Connecticut Reconstruction Services is here for you. If your home has suffered even minor damage from a recent storm, call us today at 203-239-0040 for an inspection and to begin the restoration process.

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