Rebuilding Water-Damaged Carpeted Floors in Your Home

Sensitive flooring types can quickly absorb water damage in Hamden homes to present direct concerns for structural stability and impacted materials’ integrity. Carpeting can allow for the fast movement of water through the porous surface and padding layers. When moisture and water impact areas like the subflooring and supports, the repairs and reconstruction of these materials become more complicated.

Water damage reconstruction for Hamdenhomes means much more than replacing broken pipes and fixtures that allow water disasters to occur in a house. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) team must work quickly to protect as much of the primary structural skeleton of your property as possible after water penetration and deterioration. The deconstruction and replacement of damaged carpeted floors and subflooring happen in distinct stages.

Carpet and Padding Removal 

The carpet and padding underneath are often the most severely impacted by water damages. Even with clean water incidents, oversaturation can leave these flooring materials unsalvageable. We can tear up the carpet layer and remove the padding underneath to leave the subflooring plywood or OSB board exposed for damage evaluations.

Subflooring Demolition

The composition of plywood or OSB board commonly used underneath carpeted flooring is highly porous, making absorption and subsequent degradation common occurrences. Prying loose sheets of plywood can reduce the spread of moisture to areas like floor joists and supports when possible. With a stable and undamaged starting point, the room is ready for reconstruction.

Material Replacement (Beneath Carpets)

Replacing underlying materials beneath carpets must occur first, and this starts with the reinstallation of new plywood or backing materials. With a stable, dry foundation, padding can be put into place before stretching out new carpeting to complete the room’s repairs.

No matter what your home needs after a water damage incident, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help with repairs and material replacement as necessary. Give us a call anytime you need us at (203) 239-0040.