Rebuilding and Repairing Mold-Damaged Waterbury Homes

The presence of mold in your Waterbury home can be a stressful discovery. With how quickly this organism can spread, there are several materials and contents within your home that could become affected. While professional remediation is often the best solution for addressing the immediate concerns, you also must consider the steps necessary to repair and rebuild the structure damaged by the spreading organism. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) team can help with the reconstruction solutions required to make it ‘Even Better Than Before.’

Regarding mold damage reconstruction for Waterbury properties, there are several steps and phases that this term describes. Our CRS team can work with our trusted restoration partners to provide timely, controlled demolition and content management. Our return to a property after these steps can feature many missing structural elements and construction materials. In many cases, the rebuilding necessary after mold occurs in structural systems like ceilings, walls, and flooring.

Wall systems feature many sensitive materials that can become damaged by the presence of mold and its deteriorating properties. After exposure, many of these materials must get removed and discarded. The reinstallation of structural framework, insulation, and drywall, all become necessary elements in returning your property to its original state. Because of how quickly drywall can get reinstalled, it is often recommended to remove this material if it is suspected to be overexposed to mold during the restoration phase. Our team can then start from a clean and stable base to hang partial or full sheets of drywall material. 

It is often necessary for flooring materials to get removed entirely after exposure to migrating mold effects. Even when materials must get removed down to the subflooring or beyond, we have efficient solutions to accommodate this need. We can reinstall joists and supports, OSB board, padding a new carpet layer to make your living space feel like home again.
The reconstruction and repair that your home needs after mold exposure can vary from one property to another, but we have many ways to help. You can trust our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team to work with your insurance adjusters and maximize the work that can get done with the available damage claim budget. Give us a call anytime at (203) 239-0040.