Professional Storm Damage Reconstruction for Shelton Homes

Shelton homeowners know almost exactly when to expect storms to come rolling in off Long Island Sound. Few other people in our area can prepare for worse like they can get ready for what is coming before Thanksgiving. Despite the preparation, damage can still happen.

For professional storm damage reconstruction, Shelton residents know to call Connecticut Reconstruction Services. Our technicians and carpenters can perform any task needed to return a home to its pre-disaster condition, and as a licensed, general contractor, we can build to meet every city or county regulation and state requirement.

Take a roof for example; especially if a storm tore it right off the home and dropped in the neighbor’s front yard. Our crews can repair the walls that held the roof up and replace both the attic floor and every structural support before laying down new insulation and then a roof over everything.

Connecticut Reconstruction Services has bricklayers and masons on staff that can quickly determine how far the damage extends down and begin repairs within a few hours of arriving at the home. Our office has a long relationship with suppliers across the state and can source the right brick or stone needed to match the undamaged sections, so the finished job looks just like it did before the wind and rain knocked the wall down.

As they secure the walls, other crew members remove the damaged wood and begin repairs. Our experienced carpenters carefully examine every inch for structural integrity, perform any needed demolition, and then lay in a new floor and roof supports. Since the next storm is always on the horizon this time of year, they work as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of service.

With the frame in place, our roofers now get to work. Our crews can lay down any style of roof an owner might want, as long as it is safe, and doesn’t violate any local ordinances or HOA rules.

Regardless of the level of damage to your home after a storm, Connecticut Reconstruction Services can return the structure to its original condition or better. For more information about how we can make your residence even better than before, call our offices at 203-239-0040 today.

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