Professional Fire Damage Reconstruction for New Haven Neighborhoods

With New Haven Harbor for a southern border, area homeowners usually look to the sky for incoming rain rather than smoke. While most fires usually result in smoke damage that requires a thorough cleaning rather than a need for major demolition and rebuilding. When it happens though, Connecticut Reconstruction Services is here to help New Haven homeowners put it all back together.

When it comes to fire damage reconstruction for New Haven homes, our crews train extensively on every task needed to return each one to its original, pre-fire condition. Our managers and crew members are expert carpenters, electricians, and certified in many other fields. Among the skills we bring to every residence include:

  •     Demolition
  •     Structural Removal
  •     Carpentry
  •     Roofing

In every size fire, there is some physical damage at the point of origin. Our teams carefully prepare each home to avoid accidentally spreading smoke and soot particles and then breakdown every piece of drywall, framing, ceiling tiles, and more for removal. When possible, they wrap or bag crumbling items before disposal.

In a large fire, there is major structural damage. Removing load-bearing walls, roof buttresses, and other support structures requires special knowledge to avoid collapsing the home while trying to preserve it. Connecticut Reconstruction Services personnel can skillfully remove much of the interior of each home with no visual sign on the outside to indicate there is a problem.

Now, we can begin rebuilding. Our carpenters are trained and certified to perform each task up to a complete rebuild of the residence. That means everything from installing new support structures to putting in new wood floors in the bedrooms.

Once our crews have the supports in place, our on-staff roofers can install every type of tiles and other materials allowed by state regulations and local HOA rules. They can also install solar panels when required by the owner.

Before engaging in any of these operations, it is necessary to clean out the home to provide the best environment for additional inspections and to prevent on-the-job accidents from a trashed work area. To ensure our crews have that, we work closely with local SERVPRO offices. Each one has the equipment and skilled personnel needed to help us restore each home.

At Connecticut Reconstruction Services, that is the goal; to rebuild and restore every residence to its pre-fire condition. If your home has any level of fire damage, call us today at (203) 239-0040 to schedule an initial inspection and receive a complete estimate of services and cost.

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