Post-Water Damage Build Back in New Haven Homes

Post-Water Damage Build Back in New Haven Homes

Not all water loss incidents require demolition and reconstruction, but when they do, it can be a challenge to acquire both reputable restoration and reconstruction services for your New Haven property. Because of our established relationship with SERVPRO, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can seamlessly transition into action when your property gets readied for build back.

While the need for water damage reconstruction in New Haven homes is not guaranteed, there are many areas where this is often the case. Knowing what to expect, and how severely your home might be affected by water losses, ensures that you have the appropriate personnel and contractors secured to complete the job.  

Water Damage Reconstruction for New Haven


Flooring is often one of the most heavily impacted materials after a water loss because this ground level is where water pools and collects. Our contractors often must remove portions or the entire surface layer of flooring and sometimes the subflooring material underneath it to remove all of the damaged layers and start over with stronger and more stable components.


Exposed drywall can quickly absorb moisture, which can allow it to deteriorate and fall apart within as little as a day. Our CRS contractors can entirely remove sheets of drywall, trim work, and other parts of the wall system too compromised to keep installed. Drywall is often among the cheapest and quickest materials to reinstall in your home after a water loss incident, and its replacement is vital to making your home look like it did before the disaster.

Ceiling Assemblies 

Migrating water from a second-floor can pass through ceiling assemblies, causing flooring and ceiling material to become damaged in the process. Sagging ceilings pose a safety threat and indicate more widespread concerns for other materials unseen. Our contractors can remove these damaged elements and replace joists, supports, ceiling drywall, and backing materials like plywood and OSB board.

Water losses can impact many areas of your home, and many of these situations require reconstruction and repairs. No matter what your property needs after a disaster, you can count on our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team to help. Give us a call today at (203) 239-0040.

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