Post-Mold Damage Reconstruction for Norwalk Homes

Competent professionals reconstruct removed building materials to make homes “Even Better Than Before.” 

Mold damage reconstruction is often a necessity when colonization gets discovered in your Norwalk home or business. The pace the organism spreads puts multiple materials at risk and can require widespread controlled demolition to protect the house.

Demolition Services and Framing 

Mold damage reconstruction for Norwalk homes means removing debris and compromised structural elements as soon as possible. Organisms spreading in the property can deteriorate exposed porous materials like drywall, wood, and carpeted floors. Once the affected parts have been discarded and removed, we can reinstall the missing framework to provide sufficient structural support and the right spacing to hang the new drywall.

Reinstalling Flooring 

Removing surface materials from the flooring to expose underlayment can often be necessary when mold colonies have started forming on carpeting and padding underneath. Usually, the carpet is too severely damaged for reinstallation and requires new flooring materials. This is often one of the final steps of mold damage reconstruction to prevent soiling or damaging the new floor.

Drywall Installation and Painting

Once the framework and utilities have been reinstalled, covering these structural elements with a gypsum board is a typical surface for modern construction. Our skilled drywall finishers can hang panels on the studs, headers, footer boards to begin forming the outside of a standard wall system. Finishing these panels means filling cracks between adjoining units with the spackling compound and sanding it smooth. We also must carefully cover and smooth over where builders installed screws to affix the drywall to the framework. To finish the look of your newly installed drywall, our contractors can paint over these surfaces to match existing walls or suit your wishes.
Even with prompt remediation, mold damage reconstruction is often still necessary for many homes and businesses in the area. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can respond quickly to pick up the repair and rebuilding needs of the property once remediation completes. Give us a call anytime at (203) 239-0040.