Post-Fire Reconstruction Steps for Hamden Homes

We offer a variety of build back and reconstruction services for fire-damaged properties. 

When a fire threatens your Hamden home, repairs and reconstruction often follow. Post-fire reconstruction services can begin in the property right away and continue until residents can safely return.

Working with Credible Restoration Professionals 

Often, the fire damage reconstruction for Hamden that we can do alongside trusted restoration professionals is critical to protecting the property and its contents. Controlled demolition of damaged structural elements eliminates the possibility of collapse and failure. Boarding up compromised windows, doorways, and walls is an initial step that we can take to minimize the spread of loss effects and aid active restoration until reconstruction and repairs are necessary.

Replacing Damaged Fixtures 

Cabinetry is often highly damaged with situations like kitchen fires. Tearing out these units is done with care to ensure that reinstallation can happen quickly. We confer with the homeowner to determine the preferred products they wish installed after old cabinets get removed and can accommodate changes to your kitchen’s layout and look when necessary or desired.

Reconstructing Ruined Structural Materials 

Small scale repairs and build back is often necessary to some extent after a fire loss incident. Removing elements like drywall and flooring is usually required to overcome damaging effects like soot. Demolition must often remove entire wall systems to address water or fire damages, requiring our experienced contractors to reinstall “Even Better Than Before.”

Full-Scale Reconstruction Projects

Structure fires can often be wholly destructive to a home or business. When the only suitable solution left is complete demolition of damaged areas in the structure, reconstruction becomes even more vital. We have design specialists and engineers that can work with a property owner in the steps necessary to rebuild a leveled portion of a building. We can reconstruct the original specifications and layout or use this opportunity to provide a much-needed change.
As challenging as fire losses might be for area homes, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team has accredited professionals and expertise to manage repairs and build back. We are available for post-fire rebuilding 24/7 at (203) 239-0040.