Overcoming the Obstacles of Insurance Reconstruction for Shelton Homes

Post-disaster build-back services require claim approvals by insurance providers covering Shelton homes. 

After a damaging disaster to your residence, many homeowners face the choice to cut their losses and purchase a new home or rebuild and repair their current property to its original functionality. This choice is often conditional on the severity of the situation, but with leading insurance and post-disaster reconstruction possible with our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team, rehabilitation and recovery are feasible and often more cost-efficient.

Establishing a Range of Necessary Reconstruction

Insurance reconstruction for Shelton homes is more than just replacing damaged structural elements. Our experienced professionals must meet the high expectations of customers and insurance adjusters to return a damaged residence to its original condition. To do this, several steps and stages of repair and recovery are necessary, including:

  • Controlled demolition
  • Bulk material removal
  • Frame reconstruction
  • Wall, ceiling, and flooring reinstallation
  • Finishing surfaces with paint or topcoats

Meeting Policy Limitations Whenever Possible 

One of the most recognizable features of home insurance is policy limitations and caps on the work to be done, and the amount insurance providers are willing to pay after a disaster. Our CRS team can take this information and create a tailored reconstruction and build-back plan suited to the budgetary ceiling and the priorities to make the space feel like home again. Our focused efforts in these areas reduce any out-of-pocket expenses asked of the customer.

Partnering with Reputable Restoration Services 

One of the advantages of having a reputable restoration partner to precede much of the repairs and reconstruction needed in houses is the seamless transition to this process. Our general contractor license provides a wealth of repair and reconstruction services that can immediately follow after the mitigation and restoration work of our experienced industry partners.

Despite how devastating and damaging disasters and storm events can be, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help make it ‘Even Better Than Before.’ We are available 24/7 for consultation, estimates, and repairs at 203-239-0043.