Norwalk Basement Water Damage Reconstruction Needs

CRS Helps with Water Damage Reconstruction 

Gravity can play a significant role in the behavior of water damage impacting your house. Water finds its way to the lowest levels, which might be your finished basement. While water damage reconstruction and drying services are needed, Connecticut Reconstruction Services can help with water damage reconstruction in Norwalk homes. 

Water Damage Reconstruction in the Basement 

Leaks and drainage issues can lead to substantial concerns for the basement, leaving a need for water damage reconstruction in Norwalk basements. Connecticut Reconstruction Services can help thoroughly inspect the impacted areas for the repairs and build-back services necessary to help.

Controlled Demolition Needs for Finished Basements

Before water damage reconstruction is possible, controlled demolition must be completed. We remove all materials and construction elements ruined by the water presence. We carefully evaluate the condition of the exposed materials in this area of the house and choose the best approach to get life back to normal for your family. In some cases, materials can be dried and restored. However, demolition is often needed if contamination might be a concern. 

  • Flooring – Standing water can be an immediate threat to this installed element unless the flooring is non-porous, like concrete or tile. Wood plank flooring and vinyl are commonly found in finished basements, and the presence of water can quickly warp and distort these materials.
  • Walls – Penetrating groundwater or standing water in the basement can impact the wall assemblies’ installed drywall, framing, and utilities. Before mold can develop, wet materials are cut out and removed from the basement. 
  • Ceilings – When water comes down into a finished basement from the floor above, the ceiling assembly can be heavily compromised. Drywall begins to sag and collapse, so full panels must be removed when weighted down with water and moisture absorption. 

Reconstructing Your Damaged Basement 

Once the drying and cleanup have been completed, it will be up to our capable team to begin the build-back process. This is an intricate part of making this area of your home “Even Better Than Before.” We can rebuild the basement to match how it looked before the disaster or use this opportunity to consider remodeling and renovation with much of the wall systems stripped down to the framing. 
Connecticut Reconstruction Services is vital in returning to normal after water damage reconstruction or basement flooding. Connecticut Reconstruction Services is a trusted name to help. We stay involved from the earliest repairs to the rebuilding of your residence. Call us today at (203) 239-0043.