Mold Damage Reconstruction Services For New Haven Homes

For New Haven homeowners, mold can be a disaster just as big as a flood or fire. The damage grows quietly over time but can cost as much as other disasters when it comes to remediation and reconstruction.

Mold Damage reconstruction in New Haven homes can be a major disaster, but there can also be an opportunity contained within it. At Connecticut Reconstruction Services, our builders can return homes to their original, pre-mold condition, or help homeowners make improvements to their homes were allowed by their insurance policy.

If time is not a severe constriction, our staff planners can work with area homeowners to move interior walls rather than rebuild them after demolishing and removing framing too infested with mold for cleaning. Staff carpenters can easily build any interior wall in a new location unless it is a load-bearing wall or other structure needed to support the roof or a second story in the home.

New walls also mean the opportunity for new paint colors. Connecticut Reconstruction Services professional painters can cover walls and ceilings with any color that the homeowner might choose. The only restriction on our personnel is waiting for area suppliers to provide any custom colors requested by the homeowner.

The same actions apply to bathrooms, which are a common origin point and source of mold growth. Here, our construction crews can demolish and strip everything out, to include bathtubs, light fixtures, cabinets, along with the tile and linoleum. Our specialists can install replacement fixtures to match the original plan, or they can move the plumbing and wiring to match up with modern sinks, tubs, and toilets needed to replace outdated plumbing in some of our older homes.

For Connecticut Reconstruction Services, our goal is to return every New Haven home affected by mold to a clean, safe environment. If you have mold in your residence, call 203-239-0040 today to schedule an initial visit. Our inspector can provide a detailed estimate of services and even help you determine coverage with your insurance carrier. No matter how large or small the task, we are here to help you through every step.

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