Mold Can Destroy Structural Elements of Hamden Homes

Is Connecticut Reconstruction the Company for You

Mold can be among the most destructive threats to your home or business. As organisms spread through the property, organic matter becomes destroyed by aggressive colonies using building materials as food sources. As qualified and licensed contractors working in post-mold capacities, we have experience in controlled demolition and build bank services required after mold exposure.

How Mold Impacts Hosting Materials

Before appreciating your need for mold damage reconstruction in Hamden homes, you must first determine the extent of damage that exists. Microbial organisms are disruptive and destructive to homes, mostly because this infestation feeds on organic matter commonly used in the construction of properties. The result is several surfaces requiring remediation, repairs, or even controlled demolition. Some of these include:

  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Wood
  • Cabinets

Removing Damaged Drywall and Organic Matter

Drywall is among the worst damaged building materials after exposure to mold colonies. Behind toilets, behind baseboards, in finished attics, in finished basements, and other places, moisture is a concern for sheetrock is a location where mold development can be a threat. We can cut out affected portions of drywall to access the structural cavity beyond.

Clearing Wall Structure Impacted by Mold

Beyond the drywall are many materials that can all be sensitive to mold development and the destruction that comes with direct colony interaction. Wood framing, insulation, and other wall system components become rapidly impacted and require controlled demolition by our contractors.

Rebuilding Wall Systems After Moisture and Microbial Damages

Once the affected materials have been removed and what is left has been treated with the sporicidal product, we can begin the replacement process. While assemblies must be carefully replaced to ensure the structural integrity of the building remains intact, the final result is an extension of the rest of the house to blend old and new materials together seamlessly.

Construction is a common need after mold exposure in a house. As compromising as active organisms can be, we have experienced building trade specialists to help with each build-back and repair need after disasters. Give our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team a call today to make your Hamden property Even Better Than Before at (203) 239-0040.