How Does Dry Rot After Mold Damage Need to Get Repaired?

Fungal organisms can have a lasting and damaging presence for wood structural elements. 

Dry rot is often not directly associated with mold damage, although it results from a fungal growth affecting Waterbury homes. Once these conditions have taken route with exposed organic matter, there is often a widespread need for demolition and later reconstruction to resolve the issue. This situation, also known as fibrous rot, has a more significant impact on wooden matter and building materials in your home than many other types of mold or fungus that could damage residences. 

Removing Materials Damaged by Fungal Colonies 

Often when dry rot sets in on wooden structural elements in areas like your basement, mold damage reconstruction for your Waterbury home is inevitable. This term can describe multiple types of fungi growing and thriving in your house, feeding on the cellulose of wooden building materials and natural humidity contained in these joists, supports, and subflooring. Because a loss of 1% of the weight of wooden building materials can reduce structural integrity by up to 50%, the presence of dry rot often requires controlled demolition. Our contractors can carefully remove impacted portions of building materials to reduce the time and money spent in later reconstruction.

Mold Damage Repairs and Rebuilding

Once affected materials have been discarded safely, our contractors can work with the homeowner to identify the appropriate materials for reconstruction, carefully matching existing structural elements to make it “Even Better Than Before.” Because the basement is a common location for dry rot to be found, repairs to the foundation walls can prevent moisture penetration. Our building trade professionals can install vapor barrier products when reinstalling discarded structural materials to deter dampness and pro-fungal conditions further.
While many types of mold and fungus could impact your home, dry rot can have a devastating effect on wooden building materials and furniture, despite fast action. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can offer efficient controlled demolition to provide a clean and stable foundation for replacing discarded building materials and returning your property to its original condition. Give us a call today at (203) 239-0040.