401K planners and insurance agents help protect your assets. Who is watching out for one of your biggest assets, your home? Working with you, we review the condition of your most important asset and plan to preserve and grow its value.


Working closely with you, CRS will conduct an inspection of your home to identify and existing or potential problems that need to be addressed. At the same time, we'll also help you compile a wish list of projects you'd like to have done, from something so simple as the replacement of bathroom or kitchen fixtures to more complex projects like the addition of a new room or a garage. Then, with your budget and desires in mind, we'll help you create a realistic, prioritized list of those projects.

Once your wish list of projects has been prioritized, our next step is to create an action plan for the next twelve months, complete with project schedules and estimated costs, as well as draw up a comprehensive planning document for future projects to be completed over the next three to five years. Almost always, this plan will grow and change over time as your priorities change or as you identify additional projects you'd like to have done.

At least once a year, CRS will sit down with you to review the original long-term planning document and reassess the priority of your projects; it's not uncommon for things to change over time. Once we've conducted the review, we'll then modify and adjust the planning document as necessary.


Routine inspections and service focusing on such items as HVAC, lawn maintenance, sprinkler and alarm systems, filter changing, energy efficiency and more.

Small, non-recurring maintenance projects such as window replacement, door repairs and the like.

Remodeling: Full-service remodeling of kitchens and baths, room additions, home offices, adding a garage, etc. — essentially, major renovation projects for improving and enhancing your home.


Our Home Asset consultants will introduce you to a program to simplify and improve the maintenance and care of your home for as long as you live there. We'll save you money and time, and assure that your house is always in "for-sale condition."