Hamden Kitchens Needing Water Damage Reconstruction

Water Damage Reconstruction for Hamden Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the areas of your house where many plumbing pipes and fixtures meet. In addition to the network of piping in the walls and under the flooring, you also have the added concern of water-fed appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher. When leaks and water damage threaten your kitchen, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals must perform water damage reconstruction for Hamden homes. 

Assessing Water Damage Reconstruction for the Kitchen 

Water damage reconstruction for Hamden kitchens begins with our Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals assessing the extent of the damage. We work with restoration technicians to provide early mitigation services like a controlled demolition and bulk material removal. Out involvement quickens the pace of restoration and recovery services. 

Where Do Reconstruction and Repair Begin? 

We understand the importance of creating a safe and stable environment when materials must get removed. Our team effectively contains dust, debris, and structural hazards when carefully removing and discarding ruined construction elements. Our processes after kitchen water damage can include:

  • Removing the appliances 
  • Pulling cabinet units 
  • Uninstalling kitchen flooring 
  • Scoping subflooring condition 

The Needs for Wet Flooring 

The flooring is one of the kitchen areas most likely to experience severe damage from migrating water and moisture. Water can collect on these surfaces, and with many kitchens not featuring water-resistant materials, moisture can get into seams and cracks to infiltrate the subflooring. We assess the salvageability of flooring materials before entirely uninstalling and can work to only remove small portions of ruined planks or vinyl if possible.

Reconstruction Services by Our CRS Team 

With the subflooring exposed and assessed for a potential replacement, we reinstall the materials to get your kitchen back to normal. We must reconstruct the kitchen from the ground up, building everything around and above the newly installed flooring components. 

Beyond the flooring, other kitchen components must also be reinstalled and replaced. Removed cabinet units, countertops, drywall, and trim all fall under this heading. We create a stable foundation by eliminating damaged framing, header boards, and insulation. Newly installed frameworks can be covered with fresh drywall and have components like cabinets secured into these installations. Call Connecticut Reconstruction Services when you need build-back services for water damage reconstruction at (203) 239-0043. 

Kitchens can contend with various types of water damage that leave structural elements and fixtures needing repair. With the severe state of your house after water damage incidents spread throughout this high-traffic area, homeowners count on the efficient water damage reconstruction results Connecticut Reconstruction Services provides.