Full-Service Insurance Reconstruction For Shelton Homes

With the Housatonic River to the East, Shelton residents are at a slightly higher risk of flooding as well as the risk of other disasters common to our area. Take residential fires and mold infestations for examples.

Regardless of the kind of disaster, Connecticut Reconstruction Services provides full-service insurance reconstruction to Shelton homeowners. If the term is unfamiliar, it means that our work with each customer is not only on the job site. Trained team members help each owner deal with their insurance company.

Before removing any debris, our estimators photograph everything damaged and build a detailed list of the extent of the issues. They also put together a list of the tasks needed to dispose of, repair, or replace every affected item in the home. That includes both personal property and any structural items like flooring, drywall panels, and wall framing. Estimators also speak with the insurance company to ensure everything is understood, and that each customer gets the best settlement possible.

As the process gets started, team members can begin the clean-up. To make sure each home is in the best condition possible for the owner and our teams, we work closely with one of the premier restoration services in the state, SERVPRO of New Haven. That means we have the best people in the business from debris disposal to mold elimination for each residence.

Once the homeowner has the check-in their hand, Connecticut Reconstruction Services experts develop a plan that returns the home to its original condition. That means designing a work schedule for everything necessary and then sitting down with the owner to choose the best options available for fixtures, paint, and every other item needed to make the structure home again. With a network of national and local suppliers, we have options for every budget.

After building the plan, our teams now implement it. As one of the biggest contractors in Connecticut, our teams can perform every task needed to restore a home. For specialty items like hand-carved furniture or wainscoting, we also have a network of local tradesmen and artisans to call on for their expertise.

At Connecticut Reconstruction Services, our goal is to return each Shelton home to its owner in its original, or better, condition. Regardless of the type or extent of the disaster, we are here for you to put it all back together. Call us today at 203-239-0040 to set up an inspection and get the process started.

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