Flooring Reconstruction and Repairs After Hamden Housefires

Demolition and reinstallation of flooring are often necessary for Hamden homes following fire disasters. 

Post-fire damages can often target flooring and similar materials. Reconstruction of structurally compromised floors or ruined wood and carpet involves a careful evaluation of the damage. As leading reconstruction professionals for Connecticut, we are available to thousands of homes throughout our service area for full-scale build-back and various repairs. Before reinstallation can begin, some emergency services and mitigation actions are necessary from our contracting firm.

Emergency Services to Begin the Recovery Process

Our experienced contractors can help prepare Hamden homes for fire damage reconstruction with the initial actions we take. While much of the work to be done falls to professional restoration providers, our personnel can oversee the removal of affected contents, discard bulk materials and collapsed structural elements, and begin demolition.

How Can Floors Get Repaired or Replaced Following a Fire? 

Flooring can often be heavily damaged by a fire incident in households, and to remove and replace these elements, specific actions are necessary. We are experienced in controlled demolition and the attention to detail required for matching materials with partial reinstallation. Commonly damaged flooring materials include:

  • Carpets  

From various heights of the carpet fibers to the damage possible to underlayment and padding, demolition, and pulling up carpet is often necessary following fire damage. We work with the customers to determine the best replacement material.

  • Hardwood/Engineered Wood

Even with a finish, wood is porous and easily damaged by soot and smoke odors. Controlled demolition is vital with these materials as partial replacements are more cost-efficient for the customer than full room reinstalls.

  • Laminates 

Glue-down laminates and roll-out material can become greatly blistered and charred by high-heat fires. Instead of partial demolition and reinstalls, it can often be more cost-effective and aesthetically seamless to reinstall the entire room.

Needed repairs vary considerably after fire losses. To make it “Even Better Than Before,” our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team must get damage assessment and mitigation steps started fast. We are available whenever you need it, from controlled demolition to full-scale build back and remodeling at (203) 239-0040.