Flooring Needing Water Damage Reconstruction in Norwalk Homes

CRS Offers Fast Water Damage Reconstruction 

Many parts of your home’s construction can suffer water and moisture damage. The prolonged exposure of building materials to this moisture can lead to a need for water damage reconstruction in Norwalk properties. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team is experienced and ready to help.

Why Floors Are Susceptible to Damage

When many homeowners realize they need water damage reconstruction and Norwalk properties, the floors have already suffered harm. Because of gravity, water will pool along the surface at the lowest levels, making the flooring most susceptible to absorbing moisture and becoming overwhelmed to require replacement.

When Does Flooring Need to Be Removed? 

Determining when flooring must be removed and replaced is a careful calculation based on the homeowner’s priorities, the insurance company’s involvement, and the ultimate costs of restoring or reconstructing areas of the house. Certain types of materials installed in homes might be more susceptible to water damage reconstruction, including:

  • Carpeting 

Carpets get immediately overrun with water. They are highly porous and absorbent, including the underlying padding layer beneath the surface. Both materials will need to be removed and discarded if restoration professionals determine drying is not cost-effective or possible.

  • Wood Plank Flooring 

Connecticut Reconstruction Services must assess wood plank flooring for the condition of the planks themselves. Drying will take place to prevent demolition. Still, often prolonged water exposure leads to warping and distortion around the seams of these units that require them to be pulled up and discarded before the subflooring suffers similarly.

  • Non-Porous Floors 

One advantage to non-porous flooring options is their general lack of absorbency. Since it will not affect the flooring itself, pooling on the surface will spread to impact connected materials such as flooring in other rooms or wall systems and their wood trim along the floor.

Reinstalling New Materials 

  • Carpeting

When replacing carpeting, Connecticut Reconstruction Services must often reinstall the entire carpet to avoid any unnatural seams or frays in the room. The exception is carpet tiles which can be pulled individually and replaced.

  • Wood Plank Flooring

Starting from the subflooring, much of the wood plank floors used in modern homes are a tongue and groove installation. Each piece fits into the next to avoid large seams and provide a uniform finish.

  • Wall Systems 

Water pooling on non-porous materials can affect other house areas, like wall systems. When these need to get removed, drywall and any other affected element must be reinstalled.

Norwalk Water Damage Reconstruction Professionals 

Water damage reconstruction in Norwalk homes and businesses can often begin with the impact of this moisture on the flooring materials. Having experienced professionals to help can make it “Even Better Than Before. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team provides the highest quality water damage reconstruction professionals.

Working with Trusted Restoration Partners 
Call Connecticut Reconstruction Services at (203) 239-0040; our connection with trusted restoration partners keeps us ahead of the curve. We work directly with SERVPRO restoration to provide efficient and effective clean-up and repairs simultaneously to get homeowners back to normal life quickly. This connection allows a seamless transition between processes without hoops to jump through to get back to pre-loss condition.