Fire Damage Reconstruction After Demolition in New Haven Homes

Rebuilding Structural Systems After Fire Damage Reconstruction

Fires moving through a residence use many building materials as a food source to keep the blaze burning. The result is the partial destruction of multiple installed construction elements throughout your house. As leading post-disaster build-back specialists, our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can help you to get your home back to pre-loss condition through demolition, repairs, and rebuilding. Connecticut Reconstruction Services are specialists in fire damage reconstruction in New Haven.

Fire damage reconstruction for New Haven homes begins with demolishing damaged systems. We must execute controlled demolition to effectively discard compromised building materials without eliminating assemblies that restorers can salvage. Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals carefully evaluate the structure with this salvageability in mind, and often the areas where our demolition is most required include:

  • Ceiling Systems

As smoke damage billows in the residence during the fire, ceiling drywall becomes coated with soot and solid residues. As a result, unsalvageable surfaces are cut out and discarded, allowing our team to replace drywall panels following restoration. 

  • Wall Assemblies

Drywall and paneling are often heavily impacted by a spreading fire. Therefore, Connecticut Reconstruction Services professionals will cut out panels of drywall and related materials within a wall system to prevent set-in soot or water damage from becoming more threatening. 

  • Flooring Materials 

Smoke and soot damage can render carpeting and hardwood flooring unsalvageable. We can pull these flooring materials from the outermost edges, exposing the subflooring and evaluating its condition before replacement.

Fire Damage Reconstruction in New Haven

With Connecticut Reconstruction Services, build-back and new construction are right in our name. We are New Haven fire damage reconstruction specialists, so we know what your home needs and help you walk through the options to minimize delays in starting. In addition, we are trusted insurance vendors that meet the expectations and required documentation for damage claim approval to navigate the often complicated claims process. As soon as restoration and cleanup are near completion, we are ready to step in and begin our work.

An Ideal Time for Remodeling

Consider the possibilities of home remodeling when the time comes for post-fire damage reconstruction. Much of the wall systems and flooring are removed and discarded from their smoke damage and charred appearance, so you have a blank space to rebuild from when the work begins. We can help the planning and execution of a remodeling project, taking full advantage of the completed demolition to maximize the turnaround time.

Fires waste no time compromising your home or business, meaning you need fire damage reconstruction specialists to help. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team trains in effectively controlled demolition strategies to maximize efficiency when rebuilding a fire-damaged property. We understand how crucial it is to get back home quickly after a fire, and we accommodate with quality work that looks “Even Better Than Before.” Call our team today at (203) 239-0043.