Fire Damage Reconstruction: A Quick Guide to Repairing Damaged Items After a Fire

For those in Shelton who have experienced house fires, it is well known how devastating these situations can be, especially grease fire flare-ups in the kitchen. With so many sensitive materials surrounding the stovetop, materials like countertops, cabinetry, and drywall can all suffer irreparable damages like blistering and burning. In most situations, the only suitable solution to address these concerns is controlled demolition.

The direct impact on wall systems, kitchen appliances, and other surfaces demands fire damage reconstruction for Shelton homes. Our Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) professionals begin work immediately with vital debris and content removal services, discarding overly compromised appliances such as the stove or the microwave. 

What Ways is Drywall Damaged After a Fire? 

Drywall is an essential element to constructing wall systems in your house, as they are most often the paintable wall surface you can see. Though they are among the most common building materials, the plaster and paper composition is highly porous. The permeance allows for smoke and soot damage that permanently mar and ultimately destroys the material. CRS professionals can remove fire and water damaged gypsum boards to have a clean, stable foundation for reconstruction.

Is Every Cabinet Worth Saving After a Grease Fire? 

Tearing out installed cabinetry is often more cost-efficient for the customer than resurfacing and refinishing the fixtures. Blistering of the wood makes the surface unsalvageable without costly restoration efforts, and this becomes an unnecessary expense with cheaper woods or particleboard. Acidic residues from soot particles can also deteriorate hardwood finish like lacquer or varnish and render the underlying wood irreparable. Without frame damage, uninstalling cabinets can happen quickly and cleanly by unscrewing the units from anchor points. Once removed, we can assess potential damages from the fire to the wall surface behind the cabinets and prepare for reinstallation once cleaning completes.

Can Fires Permanently Damage a Countertop After a Recent Fire? 

Excessive heat and the soiling of grease fires and their proteins can permanently scar the surface of countertops near the fire. Even without combustible materials used to make the countertop, finishes or surface coats can become too severely damaged to restore through conventional cleaning. When our CRS team uninstalls damaged counters, these materials must get broken loose from the seal they have on drywall surfaces. Because many of these counters rely on their weight to hold in place, removing them is fast, and replacing the material can also be quick. There are many stages and steps for reconstruction after a devastating fire in your home, but our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team can make it “Even Better Than Before.” Give us a call today at (203) 239-0040.