Expected Water Damage Reconstruction in New Haven Homes

Water Damage Reconstruction New Haven After Frozen Pipes 

As leading water damage reconstruction specialists in New Haven, we work directly with restoration professionals to address some of the most significant issues a home might face. During the winter, when temperatures can steeply decline, we see a rise in frozen pipe damage. These disasters leave little warning before a pipe can entirely separate under the rising pressure, steadily pouring water into structural cavities until the main service line gets shut down where the water line enters your basement or crawlspace.

What Causes Freezing Pipes? 

Connecticut Reconstruction Services is called to aid with water damage reconstruction of New Haven homes after freezing pipes yearly. Understanding how to prevent these conditions is important to protect your home, save money, and keep your family from getting displaced during excessively cold times of the year. Some of the common causes of frozen pipes that burst and require water damage reconstruction can include the following:

  • Poor insulation
  • No circulation of warm air
  • No movement of water in the pipes

Removing Drywall to Access Damage 

Wall systems are often heavily damaged by water loss from the pipes hidden in the structural cavity. Accessing the destroyed portion of the line also requires the removal of drywall, baseboard, and other materials. Eliminating parts of installed panels can often show how much of the backing on installed drywall has been saturated by steadily spraying pipe bursts.

Water Damage Reconstruction Consists of Replacing Pipes

We must cut out all damaged portions of the pipe impacted by the freezing. It is often necessary to replace the primary source of the water damage reconstruction and temporarily recharge the water line to assess if any other drips, leaks, or sprays exist in areas subjected to the temperature drop. This pressure can weaken lead soldering, causing multiple leaks our Connecticut Reconstruction Services team must address.

Reconstructing the Wall System 

Working alongside water damage reconstruction experts to complete the connected repairs and build-back services that expedite water cleanup and drying is necessary. With the restoration completed, and the materials protected against mold growth, we can focus on the steps to reconstruct the wall system from its components beginning with the full array of exposed plumbing. Age and deterioration might make it necessary to replace more of this system than needed to patch the immediate issue.

Connecticut Reconstruction Services water damage reconstruction professionals use the installed framework as the foundation for reconstructing the entire wall system. Insulation, particularly around the plumbing, is one of the earliest actions in this process. Hanging new mold-resistant drywall panels allows them to be finished, primed, and painted without needing several other steps to match the rest of the room.

Connecticut Reconstruction Services, Your Experienced Team
A frozen pipe can be disastrous for your New Haven home. No damage like this does not require repairs and reconstruction, making our experienced team a top choice to help. You can reach our Connecticut Reconstruction Services contractors 24/7 at (203) 239-0040.